Connect Your Brand

We help brands create connection and engagement with targeted audience through experiential events

Future of Experiential


80% of attendees report that live demonstrations and free samples have a significant impact on their purchasing decision. Experiences are simply an effective way to get brand message across to their audience.

70% of users become regular customers after an experiential event marketing that targets the right audience. More than half of African population are still offline, how do brand target and engage this audience?



75% of companies with event budgets between $50-100 million say they expect more than 5:1 ROI when executing experiential events. Experiential is not likes or clicks. It is an experience that creates impactful memories.

Process and Tools for Creating Experiential Events for Brands

We come up with creative ideas that is completely unique and extra-ordinary to drive conversion
We are not only creative but also techie, we understand data and use it for our decision making
We do constructive data-driven research before kickstarting any project. Our results are precise
Creation is just our starting point, we involve and engage our audience with unique gamification
We work on multiple vertical of event types like experiential marketing to brand activations
One time is good, two times is better, 10 times is great. We think and engage beyond the first event