The Biggest UnNude Fashion Show

Deo Network International

“The Un-Nude Convention 2019”

  Over the past decade the concept of fashion has been gradually replaced and confused with Nudity and over-revealing designs and concept. 

This has been an evil trend by the devil to corrupt and pollute the concept of fashion and the minds of people. 

21st Century fashion designers have failed to be celebrities and positive role models to the younger generation by using their influence to preach Nudity.

At DNI we believe: Nudity is not fashion, we believe Nudity in fashion is not creativity, Nudity is not innovation and it cannot be replaced with what it is not. 

Designers are therefore implored not to try to resort to Nudity as a solution to their inability to be patient, innovative and creative. 

In times past we had some good heroes who affected the future generation positively and others called them Celebrities. The Likes of Bo Jackson, David Robinson, Evang. Billy Graham, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and others who took a stand against drugs and helped reduce the usage of drugs in America.

It is interesting that as time went by the popularity of those role models espousing good values has declined, the use of drugs, prostitution, gang violence, Rape, pornography, Abortion among other viles affecting the youth is on the rise. 

This is why at DNI we refuse to wait for godly celebrities to stand up before we uphold positive values, ethics morals, character & behaviour. 

At DNI we believe everyone has a role to play and everything we do as individuals have a great impact as our actions can greatly influence our community, friends, neighbours, colleagues and the World at large.

Hence we employ our users, friends, supporters & sponsors to always ensure they leave a positive statement in all they do: from dress code to communication, behavior and ethic. Our clothes & Fashion choices must always carry a positive message: the message of God’s hope, peace, endurance, kindness, togetherness, and love. 

Since the world already has Nude Celebrities, Gay Models, Porn stars, Lesbians & transgender individuals that have been praised as models that exalt the kingdom of Darkness. 

We must also have godly celebrities that exalt the kingdom of God through godly and positive values, ethics, attitude, character & behaviour evident in their dress code, communication, attitude and general lifestyle. 

It is this ideology that birthed the “Annual Un-Nude Fashion Convention”. 

An event established with the sole of purpose of: 



Re-evaluating & Re-habilitating the minds of the 21st Century youth as regards our sense of Fashion; beginning from our very definition of Fashion. We hope that through our Annual fashion events we would give room to new designers, new models, new makeup artists and all those involved in creating fashion to Re-create a New fashion Statement of Modesty, Anti-Nudity & Elegant Covering of the body all in a perfect blend of splendor.

Contemporary fashion designers & participants are implored to employ honest creative and innovative power to come up with designs which will not only produce a perfect covering of the body to the glory of God but also create amazing designs that will inspire future generations. 

Thank you,

CEO & Founder 

Deo Network International. 

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    Sat, Mar 16, 2019
    06:00 pm – 11:00 pm
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    Grand Ballroom TAGLYAN Complex Los Angeles, U.S Abia State

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