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After countless research from the world knowledge bodies about how learning works best, Social and Emotional learning has been adjudged the best learning permutation ever found. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the application of Emotional Intelligence Competencies in Teaching and Learning, the potency of SEL is premised on the fact that Learning is acombination of emotional and cognitive activity, competencies from both sides must be implemented in the process of Teaching and Learning; thus is it for Educators and Students.

Educators and Learners thus need to be emotionally intelligent in order to achieve optimal learning.

This Certification Program would immerse Educators in the competencies of Emotional Intelligence using one of the words best Emotional Intelligence Model.

This certification is designed For:

Teachers | Head Masters/Mistresses | School Counsellors | Care Givers | Proprietors/Proprietresses | Parents | Anyone concerned about helping children/students learn successfully


  • Gain mastery in Emotional Intelligence Competencies
  • Become a more Self Aware Educator
  • Ability to “Choose Self” appropriately in class and with students
  • Be in charge of personal emotions irrespective of personal and family issues.
  • Learn strategies to regulate the “Emotional Health” of a class
  • Increased level of Optimism
  • Gain ability to manage any type of student’s personality
  • Gain mastery in Social and Emotional Learning Application
  • Increase positive Teacher-Student Relationship
  • Become a Positive Model for Students hereby empowering student’s emotional quotient
  • Get empowered with EQ Resource
  • Help educators to manage anger, irritation and other toxic emotions
  • Decreased levels of emotional distress and discipline problems.
  • Improves Students and Educators attitude about self and others
  • It prevents varieties of problems such as bullying, alcohol, violence, truancy etc.
  • Decrease levels of emotional distress and discipline problems.
  • Increased healthy emotions for students
  • Use the knowledge gained to empower others

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• This part of Learning Experience is to ensure smooth transition to the three days face-to-face program

• Participants are required to follow the following steps

• Needs Assessment: Complete a questionnaire to determine a tailored and relevant learning experience

• Pre Course Evaluation: take a short quiz to establish the current level of knowledge

• Forum Introduction: Share an introduction message to present yourself to the other course participants and share your expectations

• Pre-requisite Learning: go through a series of documents and videos to better understand the core-course content

• Expectations: share your expectations regarding the training course

…Receive Completion of Pre-Course Letter


Through the three days of face to face program, the course is designed to ensure experiential learning and ensure a high level of interactivity through our Activate, Evaluate and Reflect Morel. Practical Exercises will be used to used to enhance the development of competencies.

The learning experience consists in:

• Go through a total of 6 Self Assessment to understand personality, strength and weaknesses.

• Using templates to develop frameworks for implementing learnt competencies

• Sharing experiences as a way to analyze prior personality attributes and future attributes

• Experiencing the core SEL Model by bringing it to life

…Receive Certificate of Attendance


The learning process is not finalized when the core-course ends. Participants are required to take the following steps:

• Create a Personality Convergence Document (Guidelines will be given)

• Share practical weekly SEL experience (successes and challenges)with other participants in your forum for four weeks

• Learning Journal: Complete the entire process by completing a journal based on the 3 stages of Learning

…Receive SEL Certified Educator Certificate

Program Details:

• Program Fee for Individuals: ₦60,000 Per Participant (Installment Payment is allowed) and ₦55,000 Per group of 3 people (Installment Payment is allowed)

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