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SIEMA EXPO is one of our Food, Processing, Packaging, and Machinery exhibitions in the international market. We are growing annually in the Moroccan market; we are enlarging our international exhibitor scope according to our previous years in Morocco. 1st edition of the Morocco SIEMA Expo 2018 was very crowded and preferred to visit and participate with a wide-ranging product line; Food Processing Machines, Food Packaging Machines, Refrigeration Technology Products, Food Industries Equipments, Milling Machinery, Agricultural Tractor, Products and Equipments, Glass Products, and more, we collected much good feedback from our exhibitors.

In our successful 2018 edition 187 companies participated from 16 countries; Germany, Austria, China, Morocco, India, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon, Netherlands, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, U.A.E., USA and Turkey with 6400 professional visitors, 460 B2B meetings and also we hosted specialized events such as Live Demonstration, Conference and Workshops with a well-organized marketing campaign. During the marketing campaign, we sent 112 thousand invitations, 180 thousand e-mails, 120 thousand SMSs, and published 55 outdoor advertisements, 72 website advertisements, 18 newspaper advertisements. We promoted our events via social media also.

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    Fri, Dec 06, 2019 - 09:00 am

    Sun, Dec 08, 2019 - 07:00 pm
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    +90 212 273 1818
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    OFEC: l'Office des Foires et Expositions de Casablanca Rue Tiznit, Face à la Mosquée Hassan II Casablanca - 20000 – Maroc Abia State


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