Experiential Branding

DoingSoon Experience is an experiential branding and engagement that connects brands with their consumers through unique experiences at live events and activities

Festival Experience
Festivals, Concerts, Shows, Hangouts, Meetings
Brands can get easily isolated in large events, we create awareness with our unique interative gamification for engagement
Conference Experience
Conferences, Summits, Seminars, Workshops, Trainings
Professional events are the usual speak and lecture, we make it lively and socially interactive for the attendees
Why Experiential Branding

A poll conducted by Harris and Eventbrite found that 72% of Millennials planned to increase spend on experiences over material things. Experiential branding is a process by which brands create and drive sensory interactive experience with consumers. Interactions involve communication, brand space, and product and service elements.

Our goal is to connect brands with consumers through experiential engagements using out network of events and activities across Nigeria.

The Future of Brand Marketing

CocaCola Ice Block Experience

Don't just create a stand or booth. Create an engaging memorable experience for your guests that will create long lasting unique experience and loyal customers

The truth is, event organisers are also struggling to keep repeated attendees. Let's be honest: How many times have you found yourself anxiously fidgeting with a paper napkin in the corner of a stuffy networking happy hour? Here's the thing: It's not the event itself that prevents you from coming back the following year. It's the experience you remember having and this should become the primary focus for event organisers — To create an experience for their attendees.

What We Are Offering

DoingSoon has worked with over 2,000 organisers in over 20 cities. We have the network, the access and influence to work directly with organisers. We believe this is an advantage that makes it possible to identify the best event happening across the year to connect with our brand partners.

Our creative proccess makes it possible for us to research, analyse, plan and execute extraordinary experiences that does not only promote brands but drives conversion to the fullest.

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