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10 Fun Things and Activities to do in Ibadan

1. See the Magnificent Cocoa House

This is a 26 storey building that was once the tallest building in tropical Africa. It was commissioned for use in August 1965 and built with proceeds from cocoa and Timber. This building has stood the test of time, even survived a fire incident in 1985 and was rehabilitated for use in 1992. The Cocoa House is always a wonder to behold. Don’t be told, see it too whenever you visit Ibadan.

2. Enjoy Uninhibited fun at Agodi Park and Gardens

Agodi Gardens is one of the main tourist attraction in Ibadan. It is a 150 acre space that captures healthy green grass, sleek water park, exotic bar, and beautiful trees. The perfect environment to relax and have fun. There are security and safe measures in place, facilities includes a well maintained swimming pool and inflated balloon for children as well as diverse tropical trees that can be used for picnics and other social events. The smell of fresh air, the serene atmosphere, the view and more strips your inhibitions and makes you enjoy yourself to the hilt.

3. Catch a Game or two at Obafemi Awolowo Stadium

Ibadan houses one of the largest Stadium in the country with a seating capacity of 25,000 plus the open space that can take so much more. That’s not all, this stadium was opened in 1960, during the Nation’s Independence. A premium sporting location/ central venue for major sporting activities in the state, and western region of the country at large. If you love sports like me, you might wanna catch a game or two here any time you visit Ibadan.

4. Refresh your mind at Awuye Mountains and Suspended Lake

If you love to hike, follow me as i lead you to a hikers fairy tale. In the Ancient city of Ibadan lies a treasure nestled between several mountains. You need to be fed to embark on this journey. Don’t worry, all the energy you exert will be well worth it as you discover the treasure visible from the mountain top. Instead of feeling exhausted, you will be refreshed at the sight of a suspended lake. There are only two suspended lakes in the world and you can see one right here in Ibadan

5. Take a walk around Mapo Hall

Mapo Hall, Ibadan is 90 years old. Commissioned in 1929 and renovated in 2007. Located at the oldest part of the town and originally built on about 5000 acres of land mass. There is a story here but you will have to climb the wide steps that leads to the hall to see the palace nearby. You can also see the mini museum and statutes within the building or perhaps sit on a step and watch the scenery to unravel the mysterious stories that you may have heard. You could even decide to participate in events that holds here or sit back and enjoy the sights.

6. Relax at Latitude Lounge and Cafe

Latitude Lounge and Cafe is a combination of excellent service, class, creativity and fun all fused into one. Located within Ventura mall in one of the choicest areas within Ibadan metropolis. Their food is reviewed to be very delicious yet affordable. Prices ranges from NGN1000 upwards and guess what? Their waiters serve on hover board – The first to attempt this Innovation in Nigeria. They have parking space, choice drinks/splendid bar-tending service, Up to date music playlist is always playing from the stereos of their skillful DJs. The ambience is classic and the overall experience is amazing.

7. Acquire a beautiful Piece from Topfat Art Gallery

This is a place to indulge your mind and senses with the beauty of African Artistry. Topfat Gallery collects art pieces from the best talent across the continent. It is the Showroom of various creative artists, this is where you see variety, a total package. Situated in Adamasingba Stadium in Ibadan, Oyo State. This is where your imagination comes to life and you can part with a piece that inspires you.

8. Visit Heritage mall

Heritage Mall is an exquisite relaxation and shopping center. What a delight to have all your shopping needs met at one location. This is where a selection of top notch businesses offering the best in food, electronics, movies and lifestyle products is situated. It also serves as a relaxation spot for the whole family. Catch a good movie in the Cinema within the premises, create a good memory and share it on social media.

9. Funfactory Event Center Ibadan

As an event organizer with class, your search for an appropriate venue ends at Fun Factory Event Center. Located at 15/17 Osuntokun Avenue, old Bodija, Ibadan. Their state of the art facility halls has comfortable chairs, sleek air conditions, tables, detachable stage, power generator, changing rooms, rest rooms and parking space. There is also a well kept playground area for children with adequate security covering the entire facility.

10. Attend the Oke’Badan Cultural Festival

Oke’Badan is a tale of nativity, literally mean “hills of Ibadan”. It depicts the origin of Ibadan and over the years, a festival has held to commemorate it. This festival is one of the legacies of the state and a forum to bring together sons and daughters of Ibadan once a year. It is a one month event packed with activities including Church and Mosque Services, Charity and Sporting Events, Sanitation, Fund raisers and Award Presentation Ceremony. The Event Calendar for previous festivals reflects the festival period around the Month of march.

Ibadan is one of the most populous cities in Nigeria with an estimated population of three million people. It is an important commercial center in the south western region of the country and has a road linking to Kano which is a key city in the north as well as a direct railway and bus route to Lagos. The people of Ibadan is known for handwork, hospitality and education and industry. This city which is founded on seven hills has cultural roots and long standing tradition that is worthy of research and experience.

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