Creating Impactful Memories

We thrive to create experiences that brings people together and creates memorable impact on audience through experiential events

The foundation

Doingsoon started for two reasons. First, registeration and ticketing platforms in Nigeria offer poor quality tools starting from their booking process (which takes more than 3 steps) to data collection; making it super hard to create a sustainable event. Second, the quality of events we have around here isn't quite impressive as well, everyone seem to be focusing on music concerts. We believe we can do better than just being a regular ticketing platform.

Our product and unique values

There is more to just being a ticketing platform. Engagement, communication, interation, and more are essential features that brings strong value to an event. We believe if your event is experiential, it will not only create connection with your audience but also help build community and re-engagement of your audience.

We are on a mission to create tools that creates experiential events. We do this for brands through events, marketing, activation and related outdoor activities. Event organisers can make use of our tools to create the same experience for their events.

Thinking ahead

We have many plans for the future but we are taking one step at a time. Is there something you would like to share with us? Send us a message.

— The future is bright —