About DoingSoon

The foundation

DoingSoon started as an experimental project to understand how people find and connect with their social interests such as concerts, festivals, shows, conference, events, e.t.c. We have identified few problems from how you discover events to how organisers find their target audience (distribution channels) are broken. We want to create solution to these problems.

Our product and unique values

There are so many businesses and services online while organisers still struggle to reach their target audience, hence; giving them no other option than to spend lots of money and time marketing their events repeatedly on various platforms. Our aim is to build an infrastructure (using Distributed Commerce) that helps event organisers promote and share their event to millions of people without spending a dime on marketing (or posting hashtags everywhere). This concept also makes it super easy for anyone to discover events from any platform online.

DoingSoon is a distributed event ticketing system that lets anyone book or buy event tickets through platforms they already use.

Thinking ahead

We have many plans for the future but we are taking one step at a time. Is there something you would like to share with us? Send us a message.

— The future is bright —