Creating Impactful Memories

We thrive to create experiences that brings people together and creates memorable impact on audience through experiential events

The foundation

We believe everyone has certain experiences that they’ll never forget. Your wedding day, your first kiss, the time you got into a fender-bender when you were 16—good or bad, there are plenty of events that leave an indelible impression on your life. You couldn’t shake them from your mind if you tried.

This applies to how people connect to product or services as well, the value of these brands can't be captured via clicks and likes, infact Nielsen reported (2019) that "disloyal consumers is on the rise, with 88% of consumers across Africa & the Middle East ready to defect from a current brand choice".

This is why experiential is the key to connecting audience, fans, consumers, and customers to brands. Experiential humanizes a brands. It gives them intimate access. It allows them to tell unique stories.

Our product and unique value

We create unforgettable and memorable experiences for brands. With our vast experience, international exposure in Czech Public, Denmark, Romania, Nigeria and deep technical know-how, we know what it takes to connect with audiences and engagement them. We transform spaces, places, products, and brands into moments people won't forget and while doing so, we measure and track results in real-time, always getting the most of the moment.

Thinking ahead

We have many plans for the future but we are taking one step at a time. Is there something you would like to share with us? Send us a message.

— The future is bright —