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Key Features of Memorable Experiential Events in Nigeria

Memorable Event
Memorable Event

It is 2020 and it is time to start building brand loyalty with Experiential Events!

Everyone has certain memorable experiences that they will never forget. That can be your wedding day, or your first kiss, or the first time you did that little precious thing, there are plenty of events that leave an indelible impression on our life. You just cannot shake them from your mind if you tried.

On the other hand, there are countless less-important things that probably didn’t stick in your mind for long: what you ate for breakfast last Thursday, who sat next to you in ninth-grade algebra class or the talk-radio topic of discussion on the way to work this morning.

It’s perfectly natural to not remember things that aren’t important to you. So, when you’re creating an event, it’s important to create something that sticks out from the ordinary so your event attendees remember you for that unique engagement.

That positive memory is precisely what a great experiential event offers and this is what doingsoon does for brands.

1.) A Successful Events Build FOMO

At their heart, every event is a marketing tool in a way either to tell a story, showcase a product, launch a service, create awareness or any other form of connecting to an audience. And what makes experiential events fun and unique also makes them a great marketing tool for themselves.

When your participants attend your event, they’ll share what they’re doing on their own social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others—and do event marketing for you in the process. And when others see that, they get FOMO.

FOMO, short for “Fear of Missing Out,” is precisely what you want the people who didn’t attend your event to feel. When they see what a great time their friends or coworkers are having at your event, they’ll stop at nothing to attend next time. FOMO makes your participants want to be there, and gets them to attend as well.

2.) A Successful Event Tells Your Story

You can spend thousands on advertising your new service—billboards, magazine ads, the whole nine yards. But advertising can pale in comparison to the positive sentiment your attendees get when they attend a powerful event.

What makes experiential events so compelling and effective is precisely what can make that kind of advertisement ineffective—they’re living, breathing and immersive entities that tell your story in a way your event attendees won’t forget.

When you craft your story the way you want it to be told, and communicate that with the branding, entertainment, messaging and content, your event attendees won’t forget it, skim over it or let it be lost in a sea of competing messages.

3.) A Successful Event Appeals to All Newbies

Simply put, the purpose of events is to educate an audience about your brand, your service or your product. And, as every teacher knows, everyone learns at their own pace and in their own way.

Some people learn best by listening or watching a video, and others learn by networking with others or asking questions. At a traditional event where someone speaks and you listen, many of the people who prefer other learning styles are left out in the cold.

But when you have an experiential event, you can take everyone’s learning style into consideration. With a mix of traditional and interactive elements that allow the participants to engage and provide feedback as well, you can ensure no one leaves your event without total comprehension of your key message.

Touch on each method of edutainment, and let your event’s message be understood loud and clear across all participants.

4.)  A Successful Event Prove You Matter

Whenever you host an experiential event (conference, summit, expo, e.t.c), you need to make sure your message comes across distinctly to your event audience. But they must also go much further than that, not only in what you say, but how it is being said.

A great experiential event proves to your audience, that you care about them and their time. More importantly, the fact that you are investing in an experiential, immersive event proves to your competitors that you’re a force to be reckoned with.


One of the great thing about experiential event is that the memory your create once stays with your audience for long time, making your event easily sellable for your next edition because those pre-audience ar eager to come experience something new.



Your event audience’s time is precious. Why waste it—and why waste your money and your potential—with an event that does not resonate?