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The Future of Event Platforms in Nigeria: Beyond Selling Tickets

selling tickets

How exactly are you helping your event organizers reach their audience?

I have come to understand that the way the world works as a business is, are you offering a value?

We have seen and will still continue to see startups launching everyday in #eventtech, with the common goal of trying to disrupt the industry, my first assumption is ‘what exactly are you disrupting?’ Save yourself the fancy world and get to market and let the market decide your faith.

In the beginning of 2018

Looking back at when we started (2018), the idea was simple. ‘A distribution platform for events’ was our VP pitch which few event organizers struggled to understand until we give a bit of explanation, fastfoward to 2019, our vision hasn’t changed but our pitch has been fine-tuned to ‘Event Manegment and Promotion Software

This simple mission statement change has earn us more customers than you can imagine and this as also brought clarity to our business model which you can find here

Fast forward to 2019

This year has been a grateful and fulfilling one for the team and we certainly want to keep innovating on this direction, what we have achieved in numbers is making over 5k bookings monthly, bare in mind that our major market is Nigeria with plans to launch in Kenya and South Africa 2020.

We have built what doesn’t exist in the part of the world for event organizers, our marketing/promotional tool, custom fields for remarketing data, advanced analytics, adaptable system for various event types including sessions and workshops, see more here. All these gave us the opportunity to power some of the biggest startup events in Nigeria @kwarabuild, @startupsouth … just to name a few.

We’re coming big and growing

We strongly believe our value and promise to our customers has been a major contribution to our growth, ask yourself, what is the most important thing for event organizers? Your management software? Your fancy design? The features they don’t really care about? We think it’s the combination of giving awareness to their events and advanced management tool.

When you hear of DoingSoon — think of it as a platform for promotion and management software for your events.

We look forward to working with you 🙌