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Brand Ambassadors And Why They Are Important To Brands


Brand Ambassadors are often conceived as “key salesmen”. In addition to contacting every possible buyer, they are also the ones in charge of portraying a positive image of the product or service.

What do you think of when you hear the term brand ambassador? How is an ambassador different from an influencer or other advocate?

Brand ambassadors help spread the word about your business and encourage people to buy from you. They are fans of your brand and present your products to the public through word-of-mouth marketing. They are people who truly genuinely and actively use your products, love your brand, and want to see your business succeed. By identifying people who are already enthusiastic about your brand and products, you have the opportunity to officially recruit these people as your ambassadors.

Ambassadors regularly promote your brand through word of mouth. For example, your brand ambassador can post about your products online (on their own social media accounts) and talk about your brand offline (at trade shows, community events, etc.).

Here Are Some of Their Daily Tasks

  • They Participating in workshops and brainstorming sessions, contributing to promotional campaigns and strategies by working closely with the Marketing, Product Development, and Sales teams.
  • They visit and educate retailers, distributors, and vendors on the products’ particularities, distributing samples when necessary.
  • They create communication with vendors and key stakeholders.
  • They ensuring that the brand, product, or service is in perfect condition for demonstration.
  • They regularly reporting and tracking customers’ interactions, sales volume, and other effects that resulted from the applied strategy.
  • They monitoring inventory levels to cover the demand.

Research shows that people tend to believe other people and review websites more than advertising copy on a company’s website. According to Nielsen, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising. Online consumer reviews are the second most trusted source of brand information and messaging with 70 percent trust level. It follows that brand ambassadors add one more channel to your marketing strategy as well as a new dimension to it: personality.

Brand ambassadors often encompass the target market, their aspirations and needs. So, spend some time identifying your brand ambassadors and nurture relationships with them.

When you identify and work with brand ambassadors, make sure to show your appreciation of their efforts. Especially if these people are regular people loving your products and telling your friends about it, be personable and human. Whatever approach you choose, make sure that selected brand ambassadors:

  1. Make sense for you industry-wise;
  2. Have built up credibility and following;
  3. Provide value to their audiences by promoting your products (otherwise no one will care for your offering even if it’s amazing).


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