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How Canva, Netflix, Amazon Prime Tapped Into The Nigerian Market – African Expansion

The African continent has become an increasingly attractive market for many global companies. Companies such as Canva, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have successfully tapped into this market and have achieved remarkable success. 

This article will explore how these companies have managed to expand into the Nigerian market and the strategies they have employed to do so.



Canva, an Australian based graphic design platform, has made strides in the Nigerian market by providing users with a suite of user-friendly tools and templates for creating stunning visuals. 


Canva’s partnership with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has allowed them to offer tailored services that are tailored to the needs of the Nigerian market. This has helped them to gain a foothold in the market and build a strong user base.


Netflix, the world’s leading streaming service, has also found success in the Nigerian market. The company has made efforts to ensure their services are available in the country, by partnering with local content providers such as Iroko, Iroko+, and iROKOtv.

Netflix also offers a wide range of Nigerian-produced films and series, as well as content tailored to the Nigerian market.


Amazon Prime has also made inroads into the Nigerian market, thanks to its partnership with Konga, Nigeria’s largest online retail store. Through this partnership, Amazon Prime has been able to offer customers access to a wide range of products, at competitive prices.

Amazon Prime has also tailored its services to the Nigerian market, by offering payment options in local currency, as well as providing customer support in local languages.

Canva, Netflix and Amazon Prime Success Story In Nigeria.

According to recent research, Canva has seen a steady increase in the Nigerian market since its African expansion in 2020. Canva now has over 500,000 active users in Nigeria, with an average of 1 million downloads per month.

Netflix has seen an even more impressive expansion, with over 2 million active users and viewing hours of up to 5 million per month.

Amazon Prime has also seen success, with nearly 1 million active subscribers in Nigeria. Together, these three companies are helping to revolutionise the African market and are making a positive impact on the Nigerian economy.


In Conclusion

Canva, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have all successfully tapped into the Nigerian market by offering tailored services and partnering with local content providers.

These companies have also made efforts to ensure their services are available in the country, by providing payment options in local currency and offering customer support in local languages. As the African market continues to grow, these companies will likely continue to find success in the region.

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