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Product Launch In Nigeria and Their Inspiration Designs

A Product Launch Design is a way of organising the presentation of a product. It can be done in a variety of ways. You need something that grabs your customers’ attention, stays in their minds for a long time, and makes them come back for the product. 

Many marketing experts agree it is the visual quality of creatives that is a common thread in all successful product launch campaigns. So it all comes down to the designs you use to promote your product launch. 


Looking for product design inspiration? Here are The 7 Designs to promote your Product Launch. Check it out!

  1. Teasers and Trailers

This design comes in handy for your pre-product launch event for buzz generation. What better way to get it going than a teaser or a trailer. Video content has a higher reach and engagement than textual and static graphic content. 

Teasers and trailers only let out a little about the product, just enough to generate curiosity so that people tune in when the actual product launch event is. 

The perfect teaser and trailer: 

  • Are short enough to make it suitable for social media 
  • Are in line with your brand style guidelines 
  • Showcase the product aesthetically 
  • Work without audio with text overlays and closed captions


Samsung and its Galaxy Unpacked teaser

This 45-second spot presents a new innovative smartphone as it implies the arrival of a new range of foldable smartphones! A successful bet with impactful statistics:

This ad has a total of over 16 million views and over 29,000 likes on YouTube.

  1. Product Promo Videos 

While the intent of product promo videos is the same as that of teaser/trailer videos, the styling is a little different. Product promo videos go a little beyond a few seconds of well-edited footage and reveal a little more of the product. 


Some details to include in your product promo videos for your pre-product launch campaign include: 

  • The product launch date 
  • Details of the product such as make, utility, and other product specifications
  • Preview of the actual product design
  • Preview of the product’s full-fledged ad


Chipper Cash video promotion with Burna Boy

This video promotion has a total of 16 million views on Youtube.

  1. Pre-order and Launch Announcements

From teasers and promo videos, let’s move closer to the product launch. As the launch date nears, customers get hungry for more information. And that is the perfect time to load them up with all the important dates, sales links, and pre-order details.

Pre-orders are a great way to boost your sales revenue, even before the launch, and generate FOMO within customers so that they secure the product while stocks last.

Now, there are many ways to leverage design for these announcements: 

  • Banners on your website/ecommerce site to announce pre-order sales and launch dates to potential customers
  • Email marketing campaigns with countdown emails, pre-order announcements, and announcements about quantity in stock 
  • Social media stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to generate inbound traffic to your sites. 

A mix of graphic design, animation, and video designs helps you cater your campaign to a wide audience base.

New Infinix Zero 20 smartphone launched

  1. Gamified Content

Engagement moves mountains. But creating it can be tricky. Especially as algorithms keep changing the game on us quite often. That’s why you need to pull out the big guns.

And that is gamified content for you in a nutshell. Everyone loves puzzles, prizes, and participation. So whip out some exciting contests for your customers across all marketing channels for your product launch. 

Some gamified content ideas are: 

  • Puzzles or polls on social media with a giveaway linked to them
  • Interactive videos on your website, landing page, social media, and newsletters 
  • Engaging and fun puzzles that promote the product indirectly 


Sproxil Nigeria Launches “Shoot Your Shot” Gamification Campaign

Many brands leverage Valentine’s season as a means to engage with their customers. With that in mind, Sproxil took a proactive step to launch the ­“shoot your shot” campaign; designed to encourage repeat purchases by engaging users through a virtual archery gaming session.


  1. OOH Advertising

While many force you to think this way, the world is not completely digital yet. While the statistic of 55% internet penetration may be very persuasive, what we need to understand is that the digital audience consumes offline content too. And that is why it is important to invest in quality, innovative, and strategic offline advertisements, too. Specifically, billboards and other Out of Home advertising channels. 

You can link your offline campaigns to your online store with QR codes. Then you will have the best of both worlds by engaging potential customers on and offline.

Outdoor Advertising MTN 


  1. Exclusive Packaging Design

What if the product could promote itself? Yes, the best method to bring customers to your product is the packaging design.

A well-designed package is much more effective than any other promotional strategy. And in fact all of your other promotions depend on it. By leveraging the techniques of FOMO marketing, you can launch an exclusive, limited packaging design to make the product fly off the shelves. 

Promoting the product launch and motivating customers to pick up the products also becomes easier with such a sweet offering. 


Schweppes Launches New Variants


  1. Instagram Reel or Tiktok Challenge

Have you noticed how easy it is to go viral with Instagram Reels or TikTok videos? These two platforms have the highest viewerships today, and the format is a runaway hit. The audience here is also the hardest to reach – Gen Z and Millennials. So this is not a platform you can ignore anymore, nor is it just a trend. 

It is time to consider creating TikTok, and Instagram reels branded challenges. But how?

  • Create videos that are easier to replicate with your products and reward customers by offering rewards and goodies. 
  • Use branded hashtags  to promote your product launch. 


For the success of these challenges, the primary quality of the videos will be an enormous factor. So ensure that a qualified professional team edits and designs the videos for these platforms.


In Conclusion

Product launches are hectic in themselves without the additional responsibility of designing your launch campaigns. But these campaigns often make or break a product’s life cycle in the market. You need a good mix of graphic design and video design services for an effective launch campaign.


Doingsoon is an experiential marketing agency and we offer brand activation and promotion for your brands. These services span across a ton of design categories and ensure that your product launch campaigns are successful and ROI positive. 


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now.

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